The Project Soar program based in Marrakech, Morocco works to empower adolescent girls, fostering confidence and self advocacy through workshops and support networks. The girls walk in and out of the facility the way they do their own homes, with confidence and ease. It is their home away from home. 

While volunteering at the Project Soar facility I was so impressed with the confidence and independence these young women possessed. Their positivity seemed to feed off of each other. I wanted to explore how that confidence translated into their family's homes once they left the company of their Project Soar support network. 

I joined S. and her sister in their family's home for an afternoon to do just that. 

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Pamela is a documentary photographer and artist based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 

She is committed to amplifying suppressed voices with story, and handing women photographic tools to journal their own lives.

Meet Pamela here.

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