It seems universally children are entranced with all the trappings that come with becoming an adult: shaving, shoveling, cooking. Kids may mimic their adult loved ones, but they do so with fascinating freshness, crossing into the adult arena while keeping one foot firmly in childhood at the same time.

Likewise there are also moments while engrossed in the dirtiest of childhood play, that there is an essence of maturity in them; either in their expression or in their body language we see a glimpse of the person they are to become.

In these moments the lines between child and adult are blurred, and we suddenly see their whole being as if time were irrelevant. Adult and child version of self fuse seamlessly together.

This is a photo story of these unexpected moments.

Photo Essay will be released in print.  Members of my email list will be notified of its release; you can join the list here


Pamela is a documentary photographer and artist based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 

She is committed to amplifying suppressed voices with story, and handing women photographic tools to journal their own lives.

Meet Pamela here.

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