There are YEARS of my oldest son's life I don't really remember. I was there, it was hard, I gave SO MUCH of myself, and yet it all seems hazy to me. Being a parent is EXHAUSTING.

I lost myself a little in those early years. And I was too busy dealing with the overwhelm, to really appreciate just how special that time with my little man was. And now my boy is halfway to college and I'm panicking a little.

We take care to record the milestones- the births, marriages, and holidays. Yet most of our lives is wrapped up in the in-between, the day-to-day routine. THAT'S where most of our memories are. My son's early story is told in the photos I have of that time. Pictures of me shaking my finger at him, holding his hand, nursing him. These photographs hand me my memories, and I am grateful.

These are the stories of families who trusted me with THEIR memories.

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